Heating and Air Conditioning

Does your vehicle’s air conditioning   system   vent  blows warm air? Does the heater blow cool air?

We can help!  We have  the  latest  A/C  equipment available and use only environmentally friendly refrigerants and chemicals. Along with this equipment and our M.A.C. certified technicians we can diagnose, repair and maintain your vehicle’s A/C  and heating  system  that is safe for our planet and future generations.

A thorough inspection includes:

– Inspecting the interior controls and blower.

– Checking radiator coolant levels, hoses, pressure cap and thermostat.

– Testing the compressor belt.

– Checking for leaks or other damage.

System testing includes:

– A cooling system pressure test

– Comparing the A/C  pressure to manufacturer specifications

– Testing the A/C  system for refrigerant leaks

– Check the interior vent air temperature